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Work at Portal

Our mission is to power the next generation of service businesses. If we succeed, more independent businesses will be started and those that do will have a way to serve customers directly, under their own brand, without intermediaries in between.

Get to know us

Learn more about us on our About page. See what customers are saying on our G2 page. Try out the product by going through our 5 minute onboarding flow. Read about recent releases and our culture of shipping quickly on our changelog. Finally, email us if you have any questions.

Writing from the team

Marlon Misra
Adam Seitzman



We want you to reap the benefits of the upside you create in the company.

Health insurance

Tier 1 Blue Cross plan with 100% coverage for you and 50% coverage for dependents.

Flexible PTO

We recommend ~20 days of vacation per year. You can take whatever days you want.

International offsites

We do team off-sites twice per year. In July, we met up in Istanbul.

Sick leave

Take the time you need to recharge! We want everyone feeling their best at work.

Parental leave

6 weeks of paid and 6 weeks of unpaid leave within the first year after becoming a parent.


We’ll equip you with an M1 MacBook, 4K display, and anything else you need.


Get reimbursed for relevant books, conferences, classes, and more.


Have you raised any money?

In March 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at YC Continuity and Lachy Groom. Other investors include Y Combinator, Liquid 2, Tribe, Addition, Slope, YC partner and Scribd founder Jared Friedman, former SVP Product at Lyft Ran Makavy, and Pipe founders Zain Allarakhia and Josh Mangel.

For engineering roles you can be fully remote or join us in our office in NYC. If you are remote, we ask that you can comfortably be online from 11AM to 4PM EST. If you can do that, it does not matter where you are located. For non-engineering roles we have a strong preference for hiring candidates that can join us in NYC.

Why haven’t I found any articles or media about Portal?

At our stage we believe that the benefits of focused execution outweigh any benefits that come external attention and media. We expect to be more public about what we’re doing starting late 2022.

What is the interview process like?

We'll start with a quick 30min chat to see if there is a good fit.

Three interviews. You'll meet our two cofounders and one other member of the team that would work closely with you.

Contract project or onsite
Our preferred situation for the final step is to work together for a few days. This work is compensated.
If this is not an option, we can do an in-person or remote onsite where you’ll work through a project that you present to the team.

You’ll receive 3 offers with different salary/stock splits.
We want to give you as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Marlon will walk you through our most recent investor deck, share our financial position and projections, and go through our product roadmap.

Reference checks
We use a tool called Searchlight to do a reference check on you. We’ll give you a list of investors/advisors, you can select who you’d like to meet, and we’ll make those introductions so that you can reference check us.

Are you remote-friendly?

If you look at the jobs listed above you'll see that for some roles we are remote-friendly and for others we are only looking for folks that can join us in our NYC headquarters (located at 1201 Broadway).

For remote-friendly roles, we have core hours of 11AM to 4PM EST where we expect everyone to be online. As long as you can be online during those hours it does not matter where in the world you are located.