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Set up a client portal in minutes that gives clients one login to access dashboards, share files, make payments, send messages, and more.


Over 1,000 companies — from solopreneurs to large firms — use Portal’s client portal software

Unified platform

The all-in-one solution for agencies

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Connect anything with Extensions

While Modules provide a powerful foundation for any business, you can use Portal Extensions to extend your client portal with products you already use. Extensions show up on the sidebar and can be given a custom name and icon.

Project tracking

Connect Kanban boards from tools like Airtable and to give your clients real-time visibility on projects.

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Connect dashboards from tools like Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Databox, and Tableau. Instead of manually sending out reports via email, connect your dashboards and give clients real-time access.

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Connect an Airtable form or other ticketing system to make it easy for your clients to submit support tickets, make requests, kick off projects, and more.

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Connect Calendly or another scheduling tool to make it easy for clients to schedule time with you directly in your portal. If you have different tiers of clients, you can connect different scheduling links for different customer groups.

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Connect YouTube or another streaming service to give clients instant access to your video library or playlist.

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How it works

The easiest way to offer clients a modern experience

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Web Dashboard

Create a portal yourself or contact our team for assistance.

Web Forms

Upload your brand assets, connect your domain, and more.

Web Knowleadge

On your marketing website, add a link that points to your portal.

Web Files

Invite clients and start providing a streamlined experience.

Create your portal

Create a portal yourself or contact our team for a guided onboarding experience. During setup, you’ll be asked a few questions so that we can customize your experience.

  • Setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • New portals have a 2 week trial
  • No credit card required

Customize the experience

Before inviting clients, there are many things you can do to set your portal up for success and make it fully reflect your brand. All of these steps are optional, so if you want to take Portal on a test run first, you can do that too.


In your settings, you can upload your brand assets including your logo and icon. You can also set your color scheme and setup a custom image on your login screen. All this information is automatically used for your portal, email notification customization, invoice customization, and more.

Custom domain

You can connect a custom domain and host your portal on your own website. For example, if you have, you can host your portal on or

Invite your team

You can invite coworkers and grant them Staff or Admin access. And on the CRM you can assign team members to clients. That helps keep things organized and also limits who on your team gets notified about client actions.

Welcome message

Welcome messages are an important part of your portal. They are sent to clients automatically the first time they log in. They are a great way to introduce your business and to explain how you want your clients to use your portal.

Connect your marketing website

We recommend you add a link to your portal on your marketing website. For clients, it's a very natural experience to Google your business name, go to your website, and then click on the client login button.


The most common setup is to add a “Client login” button on your marketing website navigation bar that links to your portal.

Sign Up

Optionally, if you have direct sign up enabled in your settings, you can also add a "Sign Up" button on your website that links to your portal sign up URL. If you do this, just be aware that visitors can create their own client accounts.

Launch your portal

Once you’re ready to launch, navigate to the CRM page and create your first client. If you want to do a test run first, you can invite yourself as a client (using another email).

  • By default, new clients are invited by email
  • In the actions menu, you can also ‘copy invite link’ to share the link manually
  • If Messaging is enabled, new clients will be greeted with an automated welcome message
Case Studies

Integrated Finances works with Portal to launch a tech-enabled accounting firm

Integrated Finances is a modern accounting firm that serves individuals and businesses, with a special focus on technology companies.


Integrated Finances wanted to make it possible for clients to have a single home from where to make payments, send messages, access files, and submit intake forms.


Integrated Finances created a customer portal with billing, filesharing, messaging, and intake forms modules enabled. As a result, Integrated Finances was able to cancel 4 subscriptions, offer clients a unified experience, and save on support time.


  • Billing
  • Messaging
  • Filesharing
  • Intake Forms

"An accounting firm’s online brand is paramount for customer acquisition. After switching to Portal, we’ve had clients sign up directly from our website, go through an automated onboarding experience and seamlessly transition to becoming clients."

Alex, President at Integrated Finances

Build vs. buy

Building and maintaining a custom portal is more difficult than in seems

Many service businesses attempt to build home-grown custom portals. At first the launch goes well, but over time most organizations realize that maintenance work, implementing improvements, supporting international customers, and maintaining security become expensive distractions. 

Portal offers the functionality you need to quickly get started today but supports integrations and extendability as you scale. In addition, our engineering team is ready to help with custom API integrations.

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