After your portal is created, there are a few things we recommend you do before inviting real clients. This setup should take about 15 minutes.

1. Customize your Portal

A customized portal ensures that you look professional to your clients.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Account and upload your profile picture. This makes client communication feel more personal.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Customization and update your icon, logo, images, and colors. These updates affect your portal and email notifications.

2. Test run

Before you invite your first real client, we recommend you navigate to CRM/Clients and invite yourself using another email. Use the name "Test Client" so you don't get confused. By doing this test run, you can familiarize yourself with:

  1. How client users are invited
  2. How Welcome Messages work.
  3. What email notifications look like for clients.
  4. What your portal looks like for clients when they log in.

You should also feel free to send messages to this test client user, shares files, etc. After you're done testing, you can delete the test client on the CRM page.

3. Complete your setup

  1. Navigate to Settings/Billing and connect your bank or Stripe account. Skip this step if you don't want to use Portal for payment processing.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Domains and connect your custom domain. Skip this step if you want to continue using our joinportal domain.
  3. Navigate to Settings/Plans and choose the plan that makes sense for your business.

4. Connect your marketing website

On your marketing website, add a button called "Client portal" in your navbar that links to your portal URL. If you have a custom domain connected, remember to use the custom domain URL.

5. Launch

Once you've gotten yourself familiar with how your portal and each of the modules work, you are ready to invite clients. For some tips around inviting clients, check out this article. And if you need to migrate client or files from another system, we have a migration guide ready for you.