eSignatures are part of the Files module but require a Pro subscription. Here is how eSignatures work in your portal:

  1. Internal user uploads a PDF file.
  2. Internal user goes on the PDF's actions menu and clicks on eSignature request.

Internal user eSignature flow

  1. Add your own blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
  2. Add your client's blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
  3. Confirm your information and submit eSignature request.

Client user eSignature flow

  1. Client gets email notification and sidebar notification that informs them that there is an eSignature request.
  2. Client submits the requested information.
  3. Client confirms their information and finalizes the eSignature request.

After completion

  1. Both parties receive an email and notification confirming that the eSignature request is completed.
  2. In the Files channel, the PDF document now has a green circle in front of it (indicating that the document has been eSigned)
  3. If the completed document is downloaded, the last page contains an audit trail.