Client Assignment is intended for medium-large firms where you don't need or want everyone on the team to see every client and be notified about every client's actions. As your business grows and you bring on account managers, for example, those account manager will only be responsible for some of your clients. Client Assignment is there to help you manage that.


On the CRM table, one internal user is always set as the lead for each client. The lead is person primary responsible for the client. The lead is also the person that the client will receive their welcome message from. A lead is automatically assigned visibility.


On the CRM table, one or more internal users users are always assigned visibility for each client. These internal users are the ones that are able to see the client, see all the client's associated information (messages, files, invoices, etc.), and get notified when the client takes an action that triggers a notification.

Changing the lead and visibility

Internal admin users are able to update the lead and visibility of a client. To make an update, you can click on the lead or visibility section for the client and change the internal user/s.

Default lead and visibility

On Settings / General, admins can update who default for the lead and visibility. Note that internal admins always have visibility for all clients and that cannot be changed.