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Upgrade to a Work OS that unifies messaging, billing, file-sharing, contracts, and more. Save time, reduce expenses, and improve security.

Client Users
Team experience

Portal empowers your team with software that just works

Delight your customers with a one-stop shop experience. By providing clients a central place for all of their data, retain them for longer.

Run your firm like a technology company. Give clients a way to self-serve sign up. Attract more customers with a seamless onboarding experience.

Automate workflows with a powerful API and Zapier automations. Streamline onboarding, automate internal tasks, and get your time back.

Scale with tools that get more powerful as your team grows. With client assignment, assign clients to account managers and stay organized as a team.


Client Assignment lets you stay organized

For each client, assign a lead and visibility. With this simple setup, only assigned team members can view the client and get notified about client activity.

Powerful CRM

Track customer data with custom fields

With Portal’s CRM, track phone numbers, addresses, and add your own custom fields. With filters and export, you can slice and dice customer data and download it for your own records.


Integrated product and email notifications

On the sidebar, each module shows a notification ticker if there is relevant activity. And on email, notifications are automatically grouped so that your inbox doesn’t get overwhelmed.

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