Secure Messaging

Add the Secure Messaging module to your client portal. Centralize your communication. Get bank-grade security.

secure messaging and communication chat module

Messaging Basics

Portal Messaging makes it is easy to communicate with clients and for clients to communicate with you. Unlike email, Messages is designed more like a chat product - it's fast, secure, and automatically organized.

To use secure messaging, both you and your clients have a Messages page in your sidebars. As an internal user, you can start channels with anyone you want. When you create a channel you can add client users, client companies, and members of your team. Most of the time, you will be adding client users and team members. The ability to add client companies is useful if you want to message many clients users that all are associated with the same company.

As a client user, you cannot create channels and you can only respond in existing channels. Note that if Welcome Messages are enabled, this means that any client user who signs in for the first time can see the channel that contains the Welcome Message.

dropdown for new secure messaging channel flow

Welcome Messages

Welcome Messages are automatic messages that are sent to client users after they log in for the first time. They can be customized on the Module Settings / Messaging page. It is important to carefully customize this message because it creates the first impression for clients. You can use it to introduce your services, ask for any intake information, or anything else.

personalizing welcome messages for new client portal users
Internal user setting up the welcome message for client users
customized welcome message
Client user logging into their account for the first time and seeing the Welcome Message


Messaging happens directly in your client portal. However, since you and your clients won't always be logged in, we have a sophisticated notification system to make sure that no messages are missed and all messages can easily be replied to. If a message is not read in the Portal within 5 minutes, we automatically send an email notification with the content of the message and a "Reply" button that links to your portal. Users who have signed in before do not need to sign in again, so the experience is nice for everyone.

email notifications

Portal Messaging vs. Email

Today, most businesses communicate with external clients via email. This has many benefits as everyone has access to email and workflows are difficult to break. Similar to other Portal modules, Messaging can be turned on or off, so you always have the option of sticking to email communication. That said, these are the main reasons customers choose to use Portal Messaging:

  1. Security is a priority.
  2. You are starting a new business and have an easier time introducing a new workflow.
  3. You want to give clients a true all-in-one experience from where they can share files, see billing histories and pay you, access your Knowledge Base, and more.

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