Secure Filesharing

Add the Secure File Sharing module to your client portal. Replaces Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and ShareFile.

secure file sharing customer portal

File-Sharing basics

The File Sharing Module lets you and your clients securely collaborate on files in one shared folder. Functionality includes everything you would expect including the ability to organize files in folders, add links to documents stored online, and a comprehensive notification system.

File-sharing was designed to work with organizations who serve individuals as well as companies. That is why internal users can create both client user channels (which only 1 client user can access) and client company channels (which all client users associated with the client company can access).

File Sharing security

Portal uses 3rd party cloud service provider  Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is certified with SOC1/SOC 2/ ISO 27001 certified data centers to host the SaaS application and metadata. All files are stored in SOC1, SOC2 data centers that also enable users to use the secure environment to process, maintain, and store PHI.


The File Sharing module has in-product and email notifications. Anytime changes occur in a files channel by someone else's actions, you will see an in-product notification on the sidebar and you will receive an email notification.

Portal File Sharing vs. other solutions

The main benefit of using the File Sharing module is that it is tightly integrated with the rest of your customer portal. Depending on which other modules you have enabled, this could mean that a client only needs to log into one place to see their files and also pay you, message you, and more. In addition, file-sharing is white-label, can be customized to look exactly like your brand, and can be hosted on your own domain.

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