Add the Billing module to your client portal. Give clients a branded payment experience. Replaces Bill.com and FreshBooks.

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Billing basics

The Billing Module lets you create invoices and subscriptions for customers. And it lets your clients log in to your branded portal to pay you, see billing history, and manage payment credentials.

Benefits of the Billing Module

Support for common payment methods
At Portal, we use Stripe as our infrastructure partner. With Stripe at the foundation, we can support most credit cards and ACH.

Reinforce your brand and increase trust
By letting customers pay you directly in your portal they know that they are in familiar territory - reinforcing your brand and increasing trust.

Save you time
Clients often want to see past invoices or update their payment information. With the Billing Module enabled, they can do all of this on their own, saving you time.

Internal user experience

The Billing Module lets internal users create invoices and subscriptions and assign them to clients.


In the invoice creation flow, you can select your client, add line items, add taxes, set payment due dates, add memos, and include attachments (this is great if you have more comprehensive invoice breakdowns you want to include). Portal automatically handles all product and email notifications so that clients know when new invoices are created for them and internal users know when they are paid. All notifications can be branded with your logo and color scheme, and emails can be set to originate from your own domain.

invoice creation with line items, due dates, memos, and attachments


In the subscription creation flow, you can select your client, add line items, add taxes, add memos, select the billing period, and include attachments. You can choose between charging clients automatically (this means they are auto-charged each billing period) and sending clients invoices each time. Similar to the invoice creation flow, Portal handles all product and email notifications.

subscription creation with billing periods, payment methods, and more


To help automate common tasks, you can create invoice and subscription templates that you can use again and again.

invoice templates and subscription templates

Client user experience

Payment experience

The payment experience for clients is fast, mobile-friendly, and designed to make it as convenient as possible for clients to check out. After clients receive the email informing them of an unpaid invoice, they can click the link in the email and are directly taken to the Payment screen. Here, the client can choose to pay with their credit card or via ACH. After the first payment is made, client payment information is safely secured so that the next payment experience is even faster.

payment checkout modal mobile-friendly

Viewing billing history

When clients navigate to their Payments page, they can see a full history of past payments. In addition, they can export to CSV in just 2 clicks.

billing summaries

Update payment information

Clients can navigate to their payment settings and update their payment method, change their billing address, and more.

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