Setup invoices and subscriptions and provide clients with an on-brand payment experience.

The Payments Module lets you create invoices and subscriptions. If you're currently using another service for billing, with the Payments Module you can worry about 1 less service and give your clients a place where, in addition to all the other modules, they can also see their invoices and pay you in a branded experience.

The underlying payments infrastructure is powered by Stripe. In order to pay you, we let you connect your bank directly or connect a Stripe account. And for your clients, we offer both credit card and ACH payment methods. We do not make money on payment processing and simply pass Stripe transaction fees on.


With invoices, you can select a client, add line items, add taxes, set a due date, add a memo, and add an attachment. Clients automatically get email notifications about new invoices and you also receive one when the invoice is paid.


With subscriptions, you can select a client, add a description and price, add taxes, set the billing period, and add a memo. You can charge automatically (which means that after initial payment information is provided subsequent invoices are automatically charged) or you can select the option where an invoice is sent each period (for this option, you also have to select a due date).


For both invoices and subscriptions, you can press the down-arrow beside the Create button to make a reusable template. With templates you can save all attributes of the invoice or subscription, and we recommend you use them to save time.


For both invoices and subscriptions, you can attach a document. This document can be of any type and is commonly used as a more comprehensive breakdown of completed work. By adding a longer more exhaustive breakdown as an attachment vs. including it in the main invoice, you can keep the payment process for clients simple and quick while always giving them the ability to download supporting documents.

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