Streamlined Messaging

Messaging works directly from Portal. And if a message is missed, we send out email and text notifications.

Portal Messaging makes it is easy to communicate with clients and for clients to communicate with you. Unlike email, Messages is designed more like a chat product with automatic channels names that represent client users, client companies, or projects. It is much better for quick back-and-forth communication and was designed with a mobile focus.


Messaging for internal users and client users happens directly in your Portal. However, since you and your clients won't always be logged in, we have a sophisticated notification system to make sure that no messages is missed and all messages can easily be replied to. It works as follows:

  • If a message is read in the Portal in the first 5 minutes after it is received, no email notification is sent.
  • If a message is not read within 5 minutes, an email is sent. The email notifications groups all messages received in the last 5 minutes.
  • All email notifications have a link that can be clicked to reply.

Welcome Message

Welcome Messages are automatic messages that are sent to client users after they log in for the first time. They are important to get right because they make up the first impression for new client users. You can customize your Welcome Message under Module Settings -> Messaging.


How can I stay organized with Messaging?

Similar to other modules, Messaging works around client users, client companies, and projects. So, for example, if you already have a project created that has some client users assigned, when you create a new Messaging channel you can just select the Project from the dropdown and we automatically give it the Project title and assign the right people to it.

How can I track files that are sent in Messaging?

Messaging is tightly coupled with the Files Module. If you send a file or receive a file, we automatically place the file in the appropriate Files channel.

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