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Landing Page basics

Every client portal needs to be paired with a landing page. The landing page is what people see when they arrive on your website. The client portal is what they see after they log in to their accounts.

It is important to have a great landing page because this is what people see before they become your customers. When you setup a client portal with us, you have the choice of connecting your existing landing page or using our Landing Page builder module. We understand that you need to project professionalism and competency to your clientele and our templates are specifically designed to accomplish this.


Pages you can create

In our Landing Page builder, you can setup 4 different pages. These include a Home page, Services page, Team page, and Contact Us page. Each of these can be fully customized - you can add your own text and upload your own images. For the Teams page and the Services page, you can add as many teammate or services"cards" as you want, and our software automatically handles all formatting. And submissions on the Contact Us form are automatically sent to your email.

Scheduling tool integrations

We understand that for professional services businesses, the primary Call to Action (CTA) is often an offer to schedule an introductory meetings. Because of that, in the Landing Page settings we make it easy to turn on call scheduling and let you add any scheduling link. If you do not have one setup yet, our customers are usually happy with Calendly.


For our landing page templates, we prioritized all the things you would expect. Your website will render beautifully on all screen sizes and is mobile friendly, pages are optimized for speed, content is  structured in ways to maximize SEO results, images are automatically stored in optimal file types, and we ensure all common browsers are supported.

Portal Landing Page vs. other page builders

There is no shortage of free landing page builders and many of the options are great. That said, the main benefit of using the Landing Page module is that it is tightly integrated with the rest of your client portal. If you connect a custom domain we can intelligently switch between showing your landing page and your client portal. For example, if your website is accountingfirm.com, when someone loads this page we can automatically show your client portal if the user is logged in and show your landing page if it is a visitor. Overall this makes for a more branded professional experience.

In addition, with our Landing Page builder you can setup your website without any coding experience. In fact, most customers have their website setup in less than 10 minutes.

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