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Add the Knowledge Base module to your client portal. Create a help center only accessible by clients. Replaces Zendesk.

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Knowledge Base basics

The Knowledge Base module is one of the most flexible Portal modules. It lets you set up one centralized place with knowledge base articles (including text, images, and videos) that you deem helpful for clients. It can be used to answer frequently asked questions, as a support center, as a help desk, or in any other way that fits your business.

How to use the Knowledge Base

Internal user features

  • Create knowledge base articles. These may include rich text, images, videos, and an increasing number of embeds.
  • Assign tags, thereby giving your clients an easier way to browse through the Knowledge Base.
  • See ratings. Your clients can downvote and upvote content, and the resulting ratings give you insight and analytics into how well content is resonating.
  • Share content links. You can copy the link to a specific knowledge base article and share it. Anyone can open the link and see the specific knowledge base article, but the user needs to sign up or log in to see your entire Knowledge Base. This is intentionally set up this way to help you collect more leads.

Client user features

  • Browse the Knowledge Base. Client users can click through the categories, see article summaries, and click into any article to see its full content.
  • Upvote and downvote. Client users can indicate which content they like or dislike.

How to use the Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common way to use the Knowledge Base is to create a repository of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. With that in place, client users can now access all this information just by logging into your client portal.

Help desk or customer support center

Similar to using the Knowledge Base as a FAQ, many also use it as a help desk or customer support center. With this approach, you can, for example, answer questions about the software that your clients use.

Service descriptions

A third way to use the Knowledge Base is to pitch your services. Especially if you offer a large number of different services, it makes sense to explain how each is performed, what the process is like, and potentially what the cost for the client is as well.

Portal Knowledge Base vs. other solutions

The main benefit of using the Knowledge Base module is that it is tightly integrated with the rest of your customer portal. Depending on which other modules you have enabled, this could mean that a client only needs to log into one place to see the Knowledge Base and also pay you, message you, share files with you, and more. In addition, the Knowledge base is white-label, can be customized to look exactly like your brand, and can be hosted on your own domain.

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