The Portal CRM is the foundation of your client portal. Track and manage client users and companies in one unified view.

customer relationship management platform

CRM basics

Portal CRM is one central place to track client users, client companies, and projects. It is the best solution for tech-enabled professional services firms in fields like accounting, law, consulting, bookkeeping, and others. Unlike standalone CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, it is tightly integrated with the rest of your client portal which makes it great for automation.

Client User Creation

There are three ways that clients can be created in the Portal CRM.

Client User signs up directly
One of the most important features of great client portals is the ability to let new client users sign up directly. Without this functionality, there is a good chance that leads who visit your website don’t convert to being customers. With Portal, this is made easy. The Sign Up flow is simple, fast, and works on all devices.

white label branded customizable log in screen

Internal user creates client user
As an administrator, you and your team can create client users. When you do this, you can enter their name, email, company, and any other information. You can invite the client user right away or you can leave this box unchecked and invite them later. We recommend that you only start inviting users once your client portal is fully set up and customized.

Client User invites coworkers
Your clients may be individuals or they may be companies where multiple users need access to the Portal. To support this, we’ve made it easy for client users to invite their coworkers.

Streamlined client onboarding

When a new client user sets up their account, it is critical that they have a good onboarding experience. To ensure this, you can set up a Welcome Message in the Messages Module to greet them. Usually, this is a short paragraph introducing yourself and describing your services.

streamlined secure welcome message

Knowledge Base
In addition, we recommend you use the Knowledge Base Module to create content for new clients. You can use this module to answer common questions, introduce your services, or anything else.

knowledge base help center

Using Portal Modules to create outstanding onboarding experiences
By fully utilizing the Messages Module and Knowledge Base module you can ensure that leads are automatically greeted, introduced to your services, and have immediate access to high-quality content that piques their interest.


The CRM module is like the mission control center to keep you aware of what is happening with clients. To help with this, there are 2 important email notifications you should be aware of.

Email 1: New client user sign up
This is the email you will receive when a new client user signs up. After this occurs, we recommend that you go into your Portal and message the new client user.

email notification client sign up

Email 2: Client user activates their account
While the email above pertains to client users who sign up directly, this email pertains to client users who you invite. After you invite them, they may accept their invitation right away or they might take a few days. In order to let you know when they activate their account (i.e. login to your client portal the first time), we inform you of this event with an email notification.

email notification client activation
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