The Portal CRM is one central location where you can track client users, client companies, and projects.

The Portal CRM is one central place to track client users, client companies, and projects. These 3 entities form the foundation of the other modules. For example, you can look at messages channels, files channels, etc. at the level of an individual client user, client company, or project.

Client Users

Client users can be created in three ways:

  1. Client user signs up directly.
  2. Client user invites their colleague.
  3. Internal user creates client user.

When a new client user sets up their account, it is critical that they have a good onboarding experience. To ensure this, you can setup a Welcome Message in the Messages Module to greet them. Usually, this is a short paragraph introducing yourself and describing your services. In addition, we recommend you use the Knowledge Base Module to create engaging content for new clients. By fully utilizing the Messages Module and Knowledge Base module you can ensure that potential leads are automatically greeted, introduced to your services, and have immediate access to high-quality content to peak their interest.

Client Companies

Portal CRM is setup to support companies that sell to individuals and businesses. When a client user is created, a company name can be optionally specified. When this is done, a client company is also created. One client company can have many associated client users, and the Portal CRM automatically figures out when to do this assignment automatically and when to suggest it.


When you're working with a client (individual or business), it's very common to have multiple work streams. To best support this, you can make use of projects. Similar to the other 2 entities - client users and client companies - when you create a new project, you can create project-level message channels and file channels.


Do all client users automatically get invited to my Portal?

No. When you create a new client user, you do not have to invite them right away. If you are transitioning from another service, you may want to create all client users first and invite them at a later date. Usually it is a good idea to give your clients a heads up that you are going to switch to a new service.

If all my customers are businesses or all my customers are individuals, can I setup Portal to support this?

Yes. Under Workspace -> Main Settings, you can choose from multiple modes.

  1. Individuals and Businesses: In this mode, we always show a company field but if it is left empty no company entity is created.
  2. Individuals Mode: In this mode, there is no company field and companies cannot be created.
  3. Businesses Mode: In this mode, there is a required company field.

I'm switching to Portal from another service. Can you help with the migration?

Yes. Please email us and we can do the user migration in one step.

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