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Use Extensions to connect products you already use

Give clients everything they need in one place. With Extensions, add custom sidebar items by connecting products you already use - Airtable charts, ClickUp forms, Google Data Studio dashboards, and thousands more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can be connected as Extensions?

Above we’ve highlighted the most popular Extensions but there are thousands of other products you can connect. Since an Extension is really just an embed, any product that supports embedding will work.

Is an Extension really just an iFrame?

Technically an Extension is just an iFrame. However, we do some engineering magic to make the iFrames look like they are native experiences through a combination of auto-sizing, custom loading, and other enhancements.

How do I set up an extension with product X?

Every product works a bit differently. In general, we recommend trying the following things:
1. If the product has a “share” button and you can copy an embed snippet, try using that.
2. Try using the URL of the page you are trying to embed dirctly.
3. Try googling “how to embed {productName}” to see if there are instructions online.

Why do some products not work as Extensions?

Some website block iFrames. When this happens, it is not possibly to connect them as Extensions.