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Moxtra shined a light on the benefits of client portals. Portal takes it a step further with an all-in-one virtual office.

Service companies want to give clients a way to login once and have everything - messaging, payments, file-sharing, and more - in one place. With Portal, you get rich functionality coupled with industry-leading design, so that you can stand out among competitors.

Why are people switching from Moxtra to Portal?

Less is more

One of the biggest problems with many client portal solutions is that they are too complex with feature bloat. Portal has a modular design, so that you can turn on and customize only the modules that you actually need.

Design focused

User experience is at the forefront of our design ethos. With Portal, amplify your brand by providing clients a modern, streamlined experienced on web and mobile. Learn more about our priorities.

Battle-tested infrastructure

Portal powers 1000s of businesses spanning financial services, legal, and more. These diverse experiences have pushed us to build systems that have 99.99%+ uptime and world-class-security.

Creating the Virtual Office

Wait, can Portal really bring together all these disparate tools?

Portal is designed to be the virtual office of your accounting firm and lets you setup a marketing website and client portal. Securely share files and request eSignatures with the Files module. Communicate securely with clients using the Messaging module. And streamline onboarding with the Forms module.

Fastest-improving platform

Each year, the Portal team releases hundreds of features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. On average, there is a release every 7 days.

The potential of the online services economy

"We canceled our old client portal because our customers just didn't want to use it. With Portal, we saw 94% uptake within one week."

Melissa Powell, Consultant